DDCA Constitution


1. Name 

The name of the organisation shall be ‘‘The Dumbarton and District Chess Association’’ and in this Constitution shall be referred to as the ‘‘League’’.

2. Object 

To foster chess in Dumbarton and surrounding districts.

3. Membership 

The League shall consist of two classes of membership, namely

i. Full Members.

ii. Associate Members.

4. Qualification for Membership

4.1. Full Members : Any club domiciled in or near Dumbarton and surrounding district.

4.2. Associate Members : Any Individual who is a member of a club in Full Membership of the League.

5. Election of Members

5.1. The election of clubs to Full Membership shall be by the League Council.

5.2. The League Council shall consist of a member from each club.

6. Entrance Fees and Subscriptions

6.1. Full Members shall pay Annual Subscriptions which shall be determined by the League Council.

6.2. Annual Subscriptions shall be paid prior to October 1st in each year.

6.3. Any Full Member whose subscription is in arrears after November 30th shall be liable for an excess fee of £5.

6.4. Any Full Member whose subscription is in arrears after December 14th shall not take part in any of the League activities.

6.5. Any Full Member whose subscription is three months in arrears shall cease to be a Member. Associate Members whose club ceases to be a Full Member shall themselves cease to be members of the League.

7 Council

The governing body of the League shall be called the League Council and shall consist of one delegate from each Full Member of the League.

8 Council Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the League Council shall be held in June each year – with the minutes of the previous meeting and Agenda made available 21 days before.

9 Special Meetings

A special meeting of the council shall be convened on a resolution signed by four Full Members. The requisition shall specify the business to be transacted and the special meeting shall be held not later than four weeks from the date of receipt of the requisition by the Secretary.

10 Notice of Council Meetings

At least fourteen days written notice shall be given of all meetings of the Council. The notice shall specify the hour, date and Venue of the meeting and state the business to be transacted.

11 Chairperson of Council Meetings

At all meetings of the Council the chair shall be taken by the President, or in his/her absence the meeting shall appoint a chairperson.

12 Quorum for Council Meetings

The Quorum for a League Council meeting shall be five members and for a sub-committee not less than half of the number comprising the sub-committee.

13 Attendance and Voting at Meetings

13.1 At Council Meetings the delegate of each club in Full Membership of the League shall be entitled to cast one vote.

13.2 All questions shall be settled by a bare majority vote.

13.3 In the event of equality of votes the chairperson shall have a casting vote.

14 Council Officers and Auditors

Officers – President : Secretary : Treasurer.

The Annual General Meeting of the Council may appoint one auditor for one year of office.

15 League Council

15.1 The League Council shall conduct the affairs of the League in accordance with the articles of the Constitution. The League Council shall have power to appoint sub-committees from its Members and to co-opt onto any sub-committee so appointed such persons as it may deem necessary for the satisfactory handling of the League’s affairs.

15.2 The League Council shall have power to prescribe such standing orders as it may deem necessary for the regulation of the business of the sub-committees.

15.3 The League Council shall be responsible for arranging the various competitions sanctioned by the League.

15.4 The League Council shall be authorised to approve the expenditure of money on behalf of the League for any purpose which it deems necessary.

16 Interpretation of Constitution

In the event of a disagreement arising as to the correct interpretation of the Constitution of the League, the Council’s ruling shall be final.

17 Amendment to the Constitution

The Constitution may be amended at a Council meeting on a majority vote, provided the proposed amendment is included in the notice calling the meeting. The proposed amendment must be delivered to the Secretary not later than 28 days before if it is to be included in the Agenda of the meeting.