Competition Rules



1) League Competitions comprising one or more divisions shall be held from the 14th. September to the 14th. May in each season.
1.1  If less than 11 teams then only 1 division shall be formed . However Division 1 shall contain no more than 10 teams, or 50% of the number of teams within the League if fewer than 21 teams but more than 10 teams.

1.2  Division 2 shall contain the remaining teams within the League but no more than 10 teams

1.3  Should the number of teams within the League exceed 20 then 3 divisions shall be formed.

1.4  Each team shall play each other team within a division once on a home or away basis. Should the number of teams within a division fall below 7 then each team shall play each other team twice on a home and away basis.

1.5 Any team joining the League must join in the lowest division.

1.6 Any team withdrawing from a division must subsequently re-apply for adoption and must join in the lowest division.
2)   The Individual games of a match shall be scored :

  • One game point for       –        a game won.
  • A Half game point for    –        a game drawn.
  • No game point for         –       a game lost.

3) Based upon the aggregate of  individual game points gained by each team, the result of a match shall be scored:

  • Two match points for    –       a match won.
  • One match point for      –       a match drawn.
  • No match points for      –       a match lost.

4)  The following action shall be taken if a team withdraws from a division during a season :

4.1 Match results cancelled if less than 50% of matches played.

4.2 Match results to stand if 50% or more of matches played. Unplayed matches to be scored wins for the opposing teams. 

5)  Promotion  and  Relegation :

5.1  In any Division except Division 1 the two teams which gain the greatest number of match points shall be promoted to the next highest division. Unless incurring more than 1 match default. Should a division contain less than 9 teams then only 1 team shall be promoted.
5.2  In any Division except the lowest the two teams having the least number of match points shall be relegated to the next lowest division . Unless any other team incurs more than 1 match default. Should a division contain less than 9 teams then only 1 team shall be relegated.

6)  Tie – Breaking :

6.1  To resolve : League Championship : Promotion and Relegation :

Apply the following in order until a decisive outcome is obtained.

If 2 teams are equal in match points overall :

6.2  The teams shall be placed in order of the games – for points scored.

6.3  The match points for the League match or matches between the teams concerned shall be considered. If only 1 League match is played between such teams and it is drawn then Board Count followed by Bottom Board Elimination shall be applied.

6.4  Provided Board Count or Bottom Board Elimination is unsuccessful a Play – Off shall be arranged if two teams are equal in match points and in game points.

6.5  If more than two teams are equal in match points:

Apply the preceding rules 6.2 and 6.3 in order until the elimination of one or more teams occurs, then if necessary re – apply the tie breaking procedure as if the remaining teams were the only teams tied on match points. If this fails to resolve matters, the issue shall then be decided by the League Council.

7)    Eligibility :
7.1  No player may play for more than one club in any one season in League and Knockout competitions.

7.2  Players are not tied to the Division for which they first play and may play up a total of three times in any one season.

7.3  Players will be allowed to play for more than one team of the same club in the same division of the League only once during any one season except in double headers.
Where teams are designated “A” ; “B”; “C” – “A” team players cannot play down or across. “B” team players may play in the “A” team once but cannot play down or across in the “C” team as A will be looked upon as the highest team and B will therefore be taken to be lower than A but higher than C. Where teams are not designated A, B or C, then the highest to lowest team must be specified on or before the Fixtures Meeting.

7.4  No player may play for more than one team in the Team Knockout.

8)    All players taking part in League and Knockout Tournaments must be associate members of the Dumbarton and District Chess Association must be members of their respective clubs.

9)   For a breach of Rules 7) and/or 8) the offending team shall be penalised by either the loss of the board or boards concerned, or by the loss of the match, at the Secretary’s and/or League Controller’s discretion.  Any dispute as to the eligibility of a player shall be referred to the League Council whose decision shall be final.

10)  A match date may be changed, but only in exceptional circumstances, by mutual agreement between the clubs concerned and provided the new date is approved by the Secretary and/or the League Controller.
11)  All matches shall be played in accordance with these rules and with the Rules of Play currently in force.
12)  Play shall be governed by the Laws of Chess authorised by F.I.D.E. except for the additions and exceptions operated within the Dumbarton and District Rules. A copy of these Rules must be made available by Home Teams for consultation if required.

13)  The League Council shall manage the League and Knockout Competitions and shall settle all disputes and questions arising therein.
14)  In League and Team Knockout Competitions the number of  players comprising a team shall be Four.

15)   At the outset of each season all clubs shall pay a fee of £ 10.00 per club as a bond against defaulting League matches. This fee will be refunded at the end of each season, unless a team has defaulted a League match or a double header for any reason.