Rules of Play


Rules of Play


1)  Matches shall commence between 7.15pm. and 7.45pm. It shall be obligatory to use clocks. All clocks shall be started at the official start time as designated by the Home club in the club information section.

2)  The time available for play must be at least 2 and a half hours.

3)  The match captains, or their active deputies, of opposing teams shall five minutes before the commencement of a match, exchange lists of their team players arranged in descending order of playing strength .

4) After team lists have been exchanged the match captains shall toss for choice of move at Board 1 and the move at the remaining boards shall alternate accordingly.

5) If a player has not arrived 30 minutes after the official starting time, that game shall be lost by default, unless before the period expiry a substitute has been put into the team.

6) The rate of play shall be all moves in 75 minutes in all divisions. Players may claim a draw when they have less than two minutes left on their clock and BEFORE THEIR FLAG HAS FALLEN. Team Captains or their active deputies are empowered to call Flag-fall. If the players are unable to agree a result then the Team Captains or their active deputies shall attempt to agree the outcome of a game. (Refer to Guidance Notes).

7)  Results may be submitted via the League Controller and the League Secretary. Results must be notified within seven days of the date on which matches are played. The notification must give in full, players’ names in BLOCK LETTERS along with their grades and scores achieved.

8) Any dispute or question arising under these rules shall be referred to the League Council whose decision shall be final.

9)  Should a team postpone a match, then that team shall have the responsibility of offering 2 alternative but reasonable match dates; one of which must be accepted by the opposing team and sanctioned by the League Secretary and/or the League Controller.

10) Defaults :

10.1 Penalty points will be incurred on the following basis:

1 match point will be deducted from a team’s score at the end of a season for every 4 games lost by default, this to be applied at the Secretary’s and/or the League Controller’s discretion .

10.2  Any team defaulting more than 1 match during a season will automatically be relegated to the next lowest division . Any team in the lowest division defaulting more than 1 match will not be eligible for promotion.

11)  Smoking is not permitted in the playing room.

12)  Prior to match commencement the home team captain must announce that all mobile phones must be switched off.

12.1 Should a players’ mobile phone ring in the playing venue during their game then their opponent shall be awarded an extra 2 minutes thinking time.

12.2  If the same players’ mobile phone rings again in the playing venue during the same game, that player will then lose the game.

12.3  Their opponent shall be awarded a win or a draw depending on the  position and material on the board.

12.4 At the start of play any electronic device which enables access to chess data must be turned off. Failure to do so may result in a penalty extending as far as the loss of the game in question. Where a first offence will incur a penalty of an extra 2 minutes added to an opponent’s thinking time; a second offence by the same player in the same match will result in that player losing the game and their opponent will be awarded a win regardless of the position on the board.