GUIDANCE NOTES                      

Claims for a draw under the two minute rule.

The player on the move may claim a draw when they have less than two minutes left on their clock by stopping the clock before their flag falls. This concludes the game. However to ensure a player is not merely resigning it is advisable that players should also inform their opponent that they are in fact claiming a draw.

Players and Team Captains should be familiar with appendix G of the FIDE Laws of Chess. The relevant supplementary notes in the Chess Scotland Rules book should also be consulted . In effect, the opponent’s practical chances of a win have to be minimal for the claim to succeed. ‘‘ Team Captain ’’ is to be understood as “active deputy”, where appropriate, in the following.

1) If the players cannot agree the result, then the matter must be referred to the Team Captains, as specified in article 6 of the Rules of Play.

Team Captains must ensure that only they (and the players)  are directly involved in the proceedings, (If necessary, they should withdraw from the playing area to a quiet location). However Team Captains have the right at any time to seek private advice from third parties.

The Team Captains must invite both players to give their views on the position. The claimant (alone) must explain his / her drawing strategy against a general line of play suggested by his / her opponent  (not the opposing team captain!). The claimant and the opponent must be afforded some liberty to debate and modify their plans.

No pieces shall be moved on the board .

Normally, in-depth analysis shall not be required .

2) The Team Captains may, where necessary, ask the players  to clarify their views. However the Team Captains must refrain from suggesting moves or lines of play, and refrain from asking leading questions which suggest moves or lines of play. Their function is akin to an advocate in a court of law.

3) No more than 10 minutes shall be allowed for this phase of the proceedings.

4) The Team Captains (alone) should then attempt to decide whether: “the opponent’s practical chances of a win against the claimant are minimal, if time had not been a critical factor”.  If the chances are minimal, then the claim shall be upheld. Otherwise, the draw claim shall be denied

The Team Captains shall take into account:

  • the position on the board,
  • the players’ demonstrated understanding of the position,
  • the players’ general standard of play (grade),
  • the imminence of a “75-move rule” draw claim (if relevant).

5). If the Team Captains cannot agree a result, then the procedures described in Appendix G of the FIDE Laws of Chess shall be instituted, except that the documentation shall be forwarded to the Dumbarton League Secretary (by both Team Captains) in the first instance, together with a deposit of £20, within ONE WEEK of the match.

6).  The League Secretary shall ask an independent arbiter for a decision.

7).  The successful claimant shall have their deposit returned.