Directory Booklet

To make your own DDCA Directory Booklet, first download Front and Back

Print on both sides of a single A4 page, then cut Front.pdf (top and bottom) just inside the dotted guidelines. Fold down the middle, with the Fixtures List (Back.pdf) on the inside, then zigzag into the booklet shape (see photo below), making sure the title page is on the top.

Note: Due to the information changing (for example, a new fixture date), the date of the latest version will always be shown here> 12/03/18

The new 2017-18 booklet is now available, but the Front doesn’t have all the correct contacts yet because some clubs STILL haven’t sent in their completed Entry Forms. Please notify us of any changes required.

(12/03/18): EK Wanderers v Polytechnic Rooks March 08 is now April 05

(04/03/18): Giffnock v EK Rovers March 01 is now April 05

(24/01/18): Bearsden C v Phones January 16 is now February 20

(20/12/17): EK Wanderers v Cumbernauld December 14 is now April 12

(10/12/17): Polytechnic Rooks captain’s new phone number.

(30/11/17): Giffnock v Phones December 07 is now April 12

(01/11/17): New acting captain for Polytechnic Bishops

(06/10/17): Stepps A v Cumbernauld KO now a double-header on 09/11/17

(03/10/17): Various new captains added.

(16/08/17): New Venue: Paisley have moved to Abercorn Bowling Club, Garthland Lane, Paisley PA1 3PZ (Parking available in St Mirins Cathedral Car Park)


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